Defending The Rights Of Employees In Workers’ Compensation Cases

Employees who are injured in an accident at work deserve to receive fair compensation. Unfortunately, some employers and their insurers do not do the right thing for workers after a workplace accident. You need experienced legal guidance if you have not received your rightful benefits after becoming injured at work.

Attorney Tom Nash started Nash Law Office, P.C., more than 30 years ago to fight for injured workers who could not fight for themselves. Tom’s daughter, Erin Nash, carries on his mission of protecting the rights of workers. Erin has spent her legal career handling workers’ compensation cases, and she has years of experience working with the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission (IWCC).

Trusted Help For Injured Workers

Generally, an injured employee will file a workers’ compensation claim with their employer and then receive their deserved benefits. Some employers deny these rightful claims and leave workers unsure of their next steps. If you were denied benefits, it is essential that you contact Erin at once. Erin will handle everything related to your denied benefits and create a personalized strategy for your case. She will work to get every possible benefit, including medical treatment for your injuries and coverage for lost wages. She has experience with many types of workplace accidents, including those involving:

What Is Workers’ Compensation Insurance?

Most businesses in Illinois must buy workers’ compensation insurance. If you work for one of these insured businesses and are hurt, then the insurance should cover your injuries and allow you to get medical treatment. Some companies ignore their responsibility to buy this insurance, which can have severe repercussions for hurt workers. Erin can help you if your employer has failed to buy workers’ compensation insurance or if they are one of the few businesses exempt from buying insurance. She will work to show your employer’s responsibility and help you obtain your deserved benefits.

Get The Help You Deserve Right Now

Erin represents workers’ compensation clients on a contingent fee basis. This fee structure means that there are no out-of-pocket attorneys’ fees, and you will not owe anything unless she wins your compensation. Additionally, the IWCC must approve the contingent fee in every case. You can talk to Erin in a free consultation by calling her office now at 815-286-8917​. You can also send a message with your contact information.