3 reasons those hurt by truck need help with insurance claims

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People often take for granted that they have the driving ability to keep themselves safe on the road. They may fail to consider how the conduct of others could put them at risk. Even the best driver could get hurt in a collision caused by someone who falls asleep at the wheel or drives too fast during times of heavy rain.

A crash could be the fault of a semi-truck rather than another passenger vehicle. Semi-truck collisions can put people in the hospital or lead to tragic premature deaths. They can also leave someone without a reliable vehicle. Someone affected by a semi-truck collision may need to file an insurance claim. Oftentimes, people need help with semi-truck insurance claims because handling those claims on their own might put them at a major disadvantage.

Why do people hire lawyers to assist with a semi-truck crash insurance claim?

Difficulty quantifying the impact of injuries

It can be quite challenging for someone with no real experience with catastrophic injuries to understand the impact a collision could have on their life. People may overestimate their ability to recover and underestimate how much medical care they may need in the future. Attorneys help those coping with major injuries evaluate their situation to reasonably estimate the financial impact those injuries could generate.

Higher-stake claims

The average semi-truck has several times more insurance coverage than the average four-wheeled vehicle. Instead of state insurance laws, semi-trucks must comply with federal insurance standards requiring at least $750,000 in vehicle liability coverage. With more insurance coverage in play, insurance providers have more to lose. People face much more aggressive negotiations after a semi-truck crash than they might after a collision with a passenger vehicle.

Challenges related to injuries

Someone involved in a motor vehicle crash caused by a semi-truck may have months of treatment ahead of them before they fully recover from their injuries. It can be very difficult for someone to split their attention between major medical challenges that affect them personally and learning about insurance coverage and negotiation tactics. The additional stress of trying to manage that claim in a timely fashion could affect someone’s physical recovery after a collision. Those who have a lawyer managing negotiations can devote more of their energy toward their physical recovery and less to their need for financial compensation.

Securing the right level of support after a crash caused by a semi-truck can make a profound difference for those with significant injuries. The help of a lawyer may improve someone’s chances of securing the maximum amount of compensation possible given the scenario at issue.